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Thingergy Inc. (pronounced “THING-er-gee”)

Thingergy Inc. is a premier full-service specialty costume, FX Makeup, and “maker of things” with over a decade of experience. We facilitate pretend and can help make your project come to life on time and on budget.

Just a handful of shows, video games, movies, and other projects we have made things for…

We Can Do That

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Intricate delicate parts in bulk are easy with our laser cutters. Acrylic signs, helmet liners, pattern templates or bulk leather cutting are just the start. 

3D Design & Printing

We employ a small army of 3D printers and have talented designers we use to make just about anything you can imagine in record time.


Maybe you have a tricky prop that needs to be replicated or a unique design that needs the human touch and needs to be sculpted by hand – we have you covered.

Custom Body Forms/Mannequins

Getting a custom body form is easier than ever! A few minutes in our scanner and our CNC does the rest.

3D & 360 Scanning

Our portable scanner can come to you and our 360-degree 3D in-house scanner makes quick work capturing subjects on tight schedules – only about 3 minutes total. 

CNC Milling

Our 4-axis CNC Machine can handle almost any material that needs to be a specific shape or part and our CNC router table can handle larger materials.

…and so much more…

Some of our recent things…


This ain't the first time we've done something we've never done before.

Thingergy balances traditional craftsmanship, technology, and specialized tools.

We are constantly innovating and improving our skill to better serve our clients.

(Bullet Train: Momomon mascot suite created by Thingergy)

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Some of our Happy Clients

We work with private companies as well as individuals.
(Some of our clients don’t like being listed, you can use your imagination.)

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