CLIENT – Gearbox | 2K

YEAR – 2019

Borderlands hosted the worldwide gameplay reveal of Borderlands 3 on May 1st. Gearbox Games asked Thingergy to create 1.5 scale statues of new characters Troy and Tyreen, the Calypso Twins. We had a short turn around time of roughly 6 weeks to create the 10ft and 8.4ft tall statues from scratch.

In addition to Troy and Tyreen we also created Moze, Fl4k, Amara, and Zane statues that were revealed at E3 2019 in the 2K booth. Each character came with it’s own set of challenges and we spared no expense on making each one as realistic as a character from a video game could be if they were 10ft tall and real.

Everything on the statues was made as close to “real” as possible. Fl4k’s gun contains stained wood for the stock and brass that was milled down to create the barrel. Moze’s camo pattern for her clothing was something we couldn’t find off the shelf so we re-created it ourselves to the correct scale and had it custom printed through Spoonflower. We are given highly detailed game assets to replicate the characters exactly but sometimes we need to create things out of thin air to translate into real life. Our artists recreated all the decals on Troys bionic style arm and for all the weapons. These were then reproduced, carefully applied and weathered to make every detail perfect.

The statues also made a visit to the San Diego Comic Con 2019 at the Museum Of Mayhem display at the Sparks Gallery.

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Talking More about the Calypso Twins and Vault Hunters | Courtesy of

Watch More Build Videos | Courtesy of Avid CNC


CLIENT – Gearbox | 2K

YEAR – 2019

Borderlands 3, 2K, and Gearbox Software released several live action commercials promoting the release of the new video game. The companies approached Thingergy to build physical props for the commercials. We had the pleasure of creating the Psycho masks, fabricate the fake abs, and create the props used in the commericals.

Watch the Live Action Commercials | Courtesy of Borderlands