COVID-19 Sucks.

Here is what we are doing to make our shop safe and comfortable for our crew during these complicated times.

UPDATE MAY 6, 2020:

News is coming in that businesses like Thingergy might be able to be open soon (manufacturing and offices that can’t telecommute), we want to share our thoughts on how this will look inside the shop. We have been constantly communicating with our unions and employees to get a feel for what is to be expected out of a place like this to help everyone feel safe and comfortable. Obviously, when OSHA or the unions have their recommendations put forward, adherence to those is foremost, but for now, here is our plan.
We have a relatively small core-crew and not a lot of freelancers coming-and-going, and pretty limited contact with the outside world while working (deliveries, meetings with clients, lunchtime). Of course, this policy is a work-in-progress and will be changed and updated as my crew, clients, unions, and OSHA sees fit.

We will be updating this page along the way when we get new and updated information.

  • Installing touch-free hand sanitizer stations at the entrances and bathrooms. So far we will have 6 of them in the next week.
  •  Access to disposable electronic-cleaning-wipes at the NDA Ipad for people that need to use it that to enter the building. NDA’s will also be available to be emailed ahead of time.
  •  Installation of sanitizing area, so that we can sanitize (with sprays, and UV lights) any props or costumes that are coming in and out of the building. We are also constructing new garment bags that can be sealed with an indicator that the costumes have been cleaned before leaving the facility so that no one needs to touch the garment until they reach the destination.
  • Installation of touch-free hand soap dispensers for all of the bathrooms and sinks.
  • We have found a supply of sanitizing wipes and will be implementing new procedures for cleaning and wiping down areas throughout the day.
  •  No unnecessary guest visits, only business, and hopefully kept to minimum people.
  •  Shared tools will be kept to a minimum, and all tools will be sanitized/cleaned before and after use. (Crew will need to bring more of their own tools, and will be compensated accordingly.)
  • Fortunately, we have a large facility, so it should be easy to keep safe work distances for the most part. Some tasks will require close proximity, but most of the time we will all have plenty of space to spread out.
  • A lot of the work we do already calls for dust masks or chemical respirators, so we are no strangers to wearing them. Probably the most controversial and up for discussion item is this – masks will ultimately be a suggestion to wear them when not sanding or working with chemicals, but up to the individual’s preference.
  • Obviously, if anyone is feeling sick, we would encourage them to stay home.
  • I will increase the number of times per month that the cleaning crew comes in to do the bathrooms and breakroom.
  • Recommending to eat lunches at your tables, instead of in the breakroom together. just keep the breakroom more as just a kitchen area.
  • If necessary or able, implement non-contact temperature checks.
  • Calling a “sanitizing break” a few times a day.